SG God's Son came up in a disfuctional family good moral standards but most of his family were in the streets indulging as pimps, gangsters, drug dealer, and drug users. Though all were not bad, some smart and good citizens but only the bad was always on display for him to notice. So on top of him being exposed to that part of life in his home it was all around him everywhere. So growing up in Memphis,Tn admiring what he was exposed too influenced him to be a product of his environment. The only thing he was able to accomplish was graduating high school. That only happened because he knew at that point of his life graduating would be the only thing that made his mother proud. As a teen in the street having friends killed and envolved with so many wrong things only slowed him down for a second. Which was all it took for him to create a family that he had no means of income to support them. So at the age of 22 he went back into the streets hoping to make a name and source of income with a bunch of bad ideas that he learned in the streets or rapping. So after years of that getting him nowhere and tired of not having enough, unhappy, tired of going to jail, being put in positions of maybe taking someone's life, not being a better father to his kids. SG God's Son found himself crying out to God for a way out and immediately he had encounter with God like never before. Though he knew of God he had never had this kind of phsyical encounter with Him. So after being saved he never thought he would rap again because he hated gospel rap. That's when God showed him, his purpose was to reach those in the same streets God saved him from and to do it how they will receive it. Now SG God's Son give it to the people RAW and UNCUT with NO SUGAR ADDED. The truth of life from both world's.


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